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紳士頭 - 香港髮油及男士用品


Slick Gorilla - Hair Styling Powder | 鹽粉 / 髮粉


Slick Gorilla styling powder

  • Natural look

  • Gravity defying lift with a matte finish

  • Invisible hold

  • Strength and volume

  • Free postage (UK mainland)


How to style

  • Put a small amount of powder on your palm or apply directly to dry hair
  • Mess it up and make sure the powder is distributed all over the styling area
  • Style your hair the way you want
  • Remember you can rework the powder later or simply add more to get the desired look


Bottle size: 20 grams of powder per bottle. Fills approximately half of the bottle.


Whatsapp: (852) 9885 7071



Slick Gorilla - Hair Styling Powder | 鹽粉 / 髮粉