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Reuzel - Spray Grooming Tonic, 350ml | 打底水

Same old Grooming tonic, now with a spray top!

Reuzel Grooming Tonic for men offers a subtle shine and creates a long lasting, natural feeling light hold, for all hair types. Perfect for blow-drying and protecting hair from all types of thermal styling. T4 Tonic Blend of Witch Hazel, Nettle Leaf, Rosemary and Horsetail Root makes this light hold hair product ideal for all hair types and frequent use.

Glide Reuzel Grooming Tonic over an already styled pomp to boost shine and finish.

Light Hold 
Low Shine
Water Based

Quintessential blow dry tonic
Adds thickness and definition to hair
Ideal for creating volume, lift and texture
Will help you form the perfect pompadour

Shake bottle and dispense Grooming Tonic into the palm of the hand, rub hands together, and apply to damp hair. Finishing styling by blow drying into desired shape. For a more natural style, use Grooming Tonic and allow hair to air-dry.

Key Ingredients of T-4 Tonic Blend:
Witch Hazel Extract: Natural astringent
Nettle Leaf Extract: Adds shine
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Strengthening
Argan Oil: Omega 9 fatty acid to repair and promote strength, adds volume & lift



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Reuzel - Spray Grooming Tonic, 350ml | 打底水