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Prospectors - Gold Rush Pomade


淘金者髮油 Prospectors - Gold Rush Pomade


- 中等定力

- 自然至中等光澤

- 適合幼至中等粗硬度髮質使用

- 膏狀軟滑質感,容易使用

- 水溶性易清洗

- 可重塑

- 4.5 oz


  • Water soluble
  • Medium hold with a natural shine
  • Creamy texture that allows for easy application
  • Made with hemp oil which conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Vitamins and fatty acids found in hemp oil promote healthy scalps thus creating a healthy environment for hair growth
  • Fresh clean scent
  • 4.5 oz


For the man who needs some old-school performance forward pomade that doesn’t try to trick you with any fancy words or magical marketing. This is not a magical pomade, it will not change your life and it will not regrow your hair. What it will do is give you hold and the performance you need at a price that won’t destroy your wallet.

This pomade will give you a great hold for any hairstyle that will not dry your hair or create any flakes. At the end of the day it will wash out with super ease. Gold Rush is a non greasy feeling pomade with hemp oil that will promote a healthy scalp.



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Prospectors - Gold Rush Pomade