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Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm | 髮泥


  • 啞色效果
  • 高定型力
  • 高層次感
  • 容易重塑
  • 容易清洗
  • 無防腐劑
  • 澳洲製造
  • 3.52 oz / 100g


Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm




Born from an overwhelming need for the ultimate matte styling product, came the TREATMENT STYLING BALM. Our radical blend of Australian clays absorb moisture, swelling into the hair upon impact.


With a smooth luxurious texture, the TREATMENT STYLING BALM creates body, strong hold, finishing with a true matte finish.




Morris Motley products are 100% VEGAN friendly, cruelty fee and Australian made. 


Brand Story 品牌故事


Morris Motley is a premium Men’s Hair Cutting Studio and Hair Care Brand based in Collingwood, Melbourne.


Proprietor and bespoke barber Rob Mason is a man driven by precision. By angles. By facial anatomy. His success stems from his ability to map the anatomy of every face and interpret the exact style requirements of his male clients. Over 10 years Rob has honed his skills in facial analysis and explored new and classic barbering techniques required to achieve clean, masculine styles – the blueprint for his signature brand of custom men’s cutting and styling.


The Morris Motley Men’s Hair Care line has been developed by Rob to uniquely support the contemporary cuts he creates. “I’m reinventing the concept of men’s hair products. Premium men’s haircare is a neglected market. The general consensus is that men don’t care about haircare, so most brands use only the cheapest and most basic ingredients. The shampoos strip hair of its natural oils. The styling products cause scalp irritation. It’s my goal to turn all that on its head with my formulations, which respect, mimic and nurture the unique biochemistry of the hair and scalp.”


Embarking on a course of study in Haircare Science and working with renowned Australian Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker, Rob has launched the super versatile Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm, a styling aid designed to give architectural support to his signature look of clean masculine angles and height. Matte and with firm, pliable hold it can be used to build hold without adding weight or greasiness. Literally, the more you apply the better it looks. And its water soluble, so it rinses clean in water. The Morris Motley Treatment Cleansing Oil has been developed to work in synergy with the balm. Its unique hair cleansing formula is designed to remove styling product build–up, excess oil and debris while soothing, smoothing and conditioning both scalp and hair. Both formulas contain active ingredients identical to those found in human hair and skin, so they actually help to treat and protect the hair and scalp.



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Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm | 髮泥