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紳士頭 - 香港髮油及男士用品


Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay


- 適合所有髮質使用

- 抓上頭時十分順滑,減少扯斷頭髮的機會

- 自然光澤至接近啞色

- 中至高定力

- 高層次感

- 容易清洗

- 薰衣草,麝香古龍水香味



HOLD: Medium/Firm
SHINE: Matte
SCENT: Subtle notes of lavender, earthy moss, and musk. Not overpowering so it will blend well with colognes or desired fragrance.


Work a small amount of product into blow dried hair from back to front. Apply small amounts until the desired hold is achieved. First blow dry hair with medium heat into desired shape, then, using the cold setting on the blowdryer, style the hair into the finished shape. The heat will allow the hair to move into place and give it memory so it will retain it's shape. The cool setting will let the product soak into the hair providing a matte sheen. Hair will remain malleable all day and will be easy to restyle by simply running your fingers through your hair.



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Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay | 髮泥