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紳士頭 - 香港髮油及男士用品


Harvest Moon Paste - Faith and Integrity Pomade


The wind blows fresh on an autumn night
Gone are the days filled with light
A crackling fire lights the darkening gloom
Sparks softy float before coming to ruin
A painted sky of purple and blue
Sharp diamond stars beckoning you
Crows warble a melancholy tune
As softly rises the Harvest Moon.


Harvest Moon Matte Paste is a smooth and creamy paste that will offer texture and volume to your hair while maintaining a firm hold and matte finish throughout the day. This paste is packed with Kaolin clay and three types of waxes to keep your hair looking good and feeling healthy. The custom scent of 5 essential oils will transport you on a walk in the heart of autumn.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a dime size amount to towel dried hair. Brush product through hair from front to back to evenly distribute. Blow dry hair and product while styling with comb or fingers. Once dried, applied small scoops to dry hair to achieve final style if desired.


Hold: Firm
Shine: Matte

4 oz

Scent: Autumn Air

Notes of Cedarwood, Ginger, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Orange

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, beeswax, kaolin clay, mango butter, bentonite clay, polysorbate 80, candelilla wax, avocado oil, carnauba wax, fragrance, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, liquid germall plus



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Harvest Moon Paste - Faith and Integrity