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Curtis & Benz Grooming Supply Co. - Handcrafted Beard Oil 育鬚油 /生鬚油






-不油膩 , 適合香港天氣


Curtis & Benz Grooming Supply Co. was established in Hong Kong in 2018. The venture was essentially started so that I could save some money on my personal grooming products. As a facial hair connoisseur, I had tried many brands of Beard Wax, Pomades, and Beard Oils over the years, and found that none of them truly provided the look that I was going for. I began my research, and started making test batches. By mid-year, I had rolled out my first product, our original Beard Oil, which were light weight and suitable for Hong Kong weathers; exactly what I had been looking for.  Our products have always been 100% all-natural, to limit the demand for chemicals and petroleum products.


To this day, we still pride ourselves on providing all-natural grooming products, for the most affordable price possible. Try  our Beard oil today if you want to look sharp, and feel good about being a gentleman.


     - Benny Wong -

Curtis & Benz Supply Co




-ALOE VERA ( Moisturizes and protects while preventing itching during beard growth stage)


-NATURAL SUNFLOWER, SWEET ALMOND, GRAPESEED OIL, COCONUT OILS (Help soften, smooth and promote beard growth)


-JOJOBA OIL (Enhances shine)



COLOR: Clear


CONSISTENCY: Lightweight Oil


SCENT: Woodsy and fresh fragrance with lavender, sandalwood, and  green tea and tea tree notes.





Apply 1-3 drops into plam, and work the oil into  your beard and skin to improve growth and texture.


1 FL. OZ / 30ML


For External Use


Made in Hong Kong



Whatsapp: (852) 9885 7071


Curtis & Benz Grooming Supply Co. - Handcrafted Beard Oil 育鬚油 /生鬚油