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By Vilain Dynamite Clay


  • Strong hold & matte, gritty finish
  • Adds fullness and texture
  • Allows for re-workability
  • Lets you manipulate your hair into any style




The Dynamite Clay is one of the most powerful and exclusive products in the By Vilain range. Its high-end design, innovative formula and dynamic texture make it a unique masterpiece that will push your imagination of what’s possible with a wax beyond boundaries. Dynamite Clay provides the messy look that makes even the nicest gentleman look like a bad boy.


The By Vilain Dynamite Clay offers strong hold and a matte finish that leaves you with a fantastic gritty texture and sculpted finish in every style.


The result? Mud digger by day, supermodel by night. Discover the unique characteristics of the Dynamite Clay in our gallery.



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By Vilain Dynamite Clay