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Brosh Base Spray


BROSH New product "Base spray"

Now, "BROSH" jointly developed research jointly by the two major barbers of popular Barber shop "MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB" attracting attention from the world and "BarberShop Apache" legend of Japan Barber world. A long-awaited new product has been released from this brand that is widely supported from professional to general public. 

The product released from "BROSH" this time is the base spray "BROSH BASE SPRAY" to be used before styling . It is active at the time of base set for making ideal styling, and can realize upgraded upright styling.


To people seeking perfect styling

When using a hairdresser with strong holding power such as pomades and gel, it can not evenly apply to the whole hair, and unevenness may result in styling. It will take time to rework when unevenness comes up, and maybe you will leave the house with busy morning styling halfway. I do not feel like I do not feel like a day for such a day. . . It is this BROSH base spray that solves such troubles. 

By making this base spray familiar with the hair before styling, it improves the elongation of pomades and waxes and nori, and the hairdresser gets familiar to the whole hair evenly. Therefore, the styling is beautifully finished, the last reworking is easy as well! The time taken for styling can be shortened, and it is also possible to create a little margin in a busy morning. Also, since there is no need to use extra hairdressing fees, pomades and waxes will be consumed in small amounts. 
Also, since there is also set power unlike water, it is also possible to finish in a natural style by blowing with this base spray, or to put out a volume. By realizing a base set firmly realize the perfect style.


Masculine and elegant scent

The spicy fragrance with luxurious feeling is the same fragrance as BROSH original pomade, so if you use it together, the scent lasts longer. Also, if you combine with fragrance pomado, add a faint accent.



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Brosh Base Spray